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Dragon Riders of Avria

What kind of dragon will choose you? Scroll down to find out!
Anri and the Dragon Quest by N.A. Davenport

After losing her father, Anri sets out to become a dragon rider and save her struggling family. But with danger at every turn and Hatching Day fast approaching, can Anri find a dragon egg in time? Get ready for a thrilling adventure filled with hope and courage.

Secret of the Dragon Egg by N.A. Davenport

When Will and his family are stranded on an island, they must navigate a world filled with strange creatures and ancient magic. But Will's discovery of a dragon egg changes everything, and he finds himself torn between his family's desire to return home and the call of the dragon within.

Dragon Wings by N.A. Davenport

Will's greatest hope of bonding with a dragon has finally been realized, but to everyone's surprise, his dragon is white. Despite the dragon riders thinking Vortex is just a pale shade of a typical color, Will soon realizes that his dragon can't produce even a spark of fire. With the upcoming Dragon Games, Will must not only prove his dragon's worth, but also fight against a greater danger that threatens all dragons, no matter how different.

Corin and his feisty dragon, Leika, embark on a festive mission: to give Will, their friend from the mysterious land of "Florida," the epic off-lander Christmas he deserves. But their efforts to recreate traditions from a world they know almost nothing about take an unexpected twist. Will their enthusiasm save the day, or will it spiral into a holiday disaster?

Dragon Kingdom

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Anri and the Dragon Quest by N.A. Davenport

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