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Can sworn enemies ever become friends?

Max can’t decide what’s more annoying—the fact that his pack can’t locate the last two evil banshees or being treated like a kid all the time instead of the fierce fighting werewolf he is.


When Max discovers that the new girl in his class is a banshee in disguise, he’s determined to use his inside knowledge to prove himself, and maybe end the banshee war forever. That is until he notices that this banshee girl doesn’t seem all that evil after all. Can he really help his pack destroy her? Can he bring himself to betray his pack?

The Werewolf Max series

Lost in the Graveyard

a Werewolf Max Story

Werewolf Max and the Midnight Zombies

Werewolf Max and the Banshee Girl

What would you do to keep from being a monster?

How can you be the hero... if you're the monster?

Can sworn enemies ever become friends?