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Fantasy Dragon Kingdom


Magical books for teens and tweens

The latest book in Dragon Riders of Avria is available now!


Claim your copy of Dragon Wings, third in the Dragon Riders of Avria series, available now wherever books are sold.

Join a thrilling adventure to save the world of dragons.

Will's greatest hope of bonding with a dragon has finally been realized, but to everyone's surprise, his dragon is white. Despite the dragon riders thinking Vortex is just a pale shade of a typical color, Will soon realizes that his dragon can't produce even a spark of fire. With the upcoming Dragon Games, Will must not only prove his dragon's worth, but also fight against a greater danger that threatens all dragons, no matter how different.

Dragon Forest
Dragon Wings by N.A. Davenport


Dragon Wings

Take flight in a full-sized dragon adventure!
The Tree of Worlds Fairies of Titania banner_edited.png

The Tree of Worlds


Join Amy and Flax as they continue their quest on Dragon Island to save the fairies of Titania. Will they find a magic rowan berry on time? Or does the former fairy queen Orchid have evil plans for them?

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