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N.A. Davenport


N.A. Davenport is a mom extraordinaire who doubles as a master storyteller! When she's not busy cooking meals and cleaning up after her little ones, she's crafting worlds of adventure and imagination with her keyboard.

Davenport's love for writing dates back to her childhood, where she would scribble stories in her notebooks and type them on old pixelated computers. She even rewrote the endings of her favorite books and TV shows to make them more exciting and satisfying.

Apart from her passion for publishing books, N.A. Davenport is also an avid fan of spicy food, Earl Grey tea, and thunderstorms. She shares her home with a mischievous border collie and a black cat who both insist on helping her with her writing.

As a wife and mom of three, N.A. Davenport's books are inspired by her family's creativity and their insatiable appetite for thrilling stories. In fact, her son's love for dark humor was the perfect inspiration for her "Werewolf Max" series.

N.A. Davenport decided to publish her books when her son was struggling to find books that were both fun and easy to read. Her debut book, "Werewolf Max and the Midnight Zombies," was a hit, and she's been writing and publishing ever since.

Join N.A. Davenport on her exciting journey as she continues to create captivating stories that will transport you to another world.

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