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Werewold Max by N.A. Davenport

Werewolf Max

How can you be the hero when you're the monster?

Nine-year-old Tim is lost and humiliated when the neighborhood bullies prank him, leaving him alone in the old town graveyard. But his real troubles start when glowing green mist rolls in and zombies start to dig out of their graves.

Werewolf Max and the Midnight Zombies by N.A. Davenport

After a late-night encounter with a werewolf, Max finds himself thrust into a frightening world he never knew existed.

Werewolf Max and the Banshee Girl by N.A. Davenport

When Max discovers that the mysterious new girl in his class is really a banshee in disguise, he’s determined to use his inside knowledge to prove himself to his pack, and maybe end the banshee war forever.

Werewolf Max and the Monster War by N.A. Davenport

When people start going missing around the country’s biggest cemetery, the werewolves learn that banshees are preparing a war on humanity during the next full moon. It will take all of the werewolves to stop them.

Zombie Graveyard
Lost in the Graveyard by by N.A. Davenport

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