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Love in the Graveyard by N.A. Davenport
Lost in the

Nine-year-old Tim is lost and humiliated when the neighborhood bullies prank him, leaving him alone in the old town graveyard. But his real troubles start when glowing green mist rolls in and zombies start to dig out of their graves.

The Door Between by N.A. Davenport
The Door

Flax must brave the dangers of the human world to collect the rowan berries that give fairies their magic. But when disaster strikes, he finds himself injured and stranded in the unknown land. Just when all hope seems lost, a human girl discovers him and together, they embark on a thrilling adventure filled with wonder, danger, and the unexpected.

Anri and the Dragon Quest by N.A. Davenport
Anri and the
Dragon Quest

After losing her father, Anri sets out to become a dragon rider and save her struggling family. But with danger at every turn and Hatching Day fast approaching, can Anri find a dragon egg in time? Get ready for a thrilling adventure filled with hope and courage.

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