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Fary Land

Fairies of Titania

The Door Between by N.A. Davenport
The Door

Flax's family is depending on him. He has to go to the human world to collect rowan berries. Without them, the fairies of Titania will soon run out of magic. But when Flax injures himself on iron farm equipment, he ends up stuck with no way to return home. Until a human girl discovers him...

The Last Fairy Door by N.A. Davenport

When ten-year-old Amy finds an injured fairy in her grandmother's barn, she sets off on an epic journey through a magical fairy door to the land of Titania.

The Dragin Key  by N.A. Davenport

With the help of her best fairy friend, Flax, the pair embark on a dangerous quest that will test their courage and determination more than ever before. If Amy doesn’t succeed, Titania and all she loves there are doomed.

The Tree of Worlds by N.A. Davenport
The Tree
of Worlds

Join Amy and Flax as they continue their quest on Dragon Island to save the fairies of Titania. Will they find the magic rowan berry on time? Or does the former fairy queen Orchid have evil plans to stop them?


Now Available in Audio!

"The Last Fairy Door," the beloved first chapter of the Fairies of Titania series, is now weaving its spell in the magical world of audio! Available wherever your favorite audiobooks are sold!

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The Door Between by N.A. Davenport

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