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10 Perfect Gifts for Writers

Looking for a gift for the writer in your life? Are you pretty sure they don't need another boring old coffee mug?

Look no further! Here are ten unique and useful ideas that will be sure to put a smile on any wordsmith's face this holiday season!

Scrivener is a high-powered writing program for professional authors and hobbyists alike. Writers can organize their manuscripts into scenes and rearrange them however they like, sync with Dropbox to work on whichever device they have on hand, and convert their files to ePub and Mobi all in the same place. Though Scrivener can be overwhelming at first, it has proven itself to be a useful and powerful tool to have on hand.

2. A Gift Certificate to a Bookstore

It's no secret that if you love to write, you probably love to read, too. I don't know of any writer who wouldn't love a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble or a local indie bookstore. Just be careful. Set a writer free in a bookstore and you may have trouble finding them again!

3. A Bluetooth Keyboard for their Tablet

Writers want to write whenever and wherever inspiration strikes, but carrying around a laptop can be a real pain. Fortunately, there are many brands of effective and lightweight keyboards that can link to a writer's tablet and scarcely take up any space at all. Like this cool version with illuminated keys. Or this version that can roll up like a scroll.

4. A Waterproof Notepad

Speaking of writing whenever inspiration strikes, a waterproof notepad for the bath or shower is a great idea. Like this version from Aqua Notes. No more story ideas or plot twists washed down the drain!

5. A Mug Warmer

Writers know the struggle. We get our mug of coffee or tea just how we like it, we sit down for a session of writing, then we get lost in the words. Before we know it it's two hours later and our drink is ice cold. Don't let this tragedy befall the writer you love! Get them a mug warmer so their favorite drink will always be the perfect temperature. Like this one that plugs into their USB port. Or this battery-powered smart mug.

6. A Writing Workshop

Help your writer improve their skills and make useful connections by signing them up for a local writing workshop. What a great way to show you support them and believe they can go far!

7. A Fancy Leather Journal

Practical and beautiful at the same time. A high-quality leather journal or notebook might even seem too good to write in! You could even pull out al the stops and get this set that comes with a fountain pen too!

8. Editing Software

Editing services can get very pricey and time-consuming. Help your writer out by getting them a high-quality editing software, like AutoCrit or ProWritingAid. Don't let missed commas or grammar mistakes distract from your writer's story!

9. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

These are especially useful if your writer works while riding a train or bus, while flying, or even if they just have kids playing or a noisy TV nearby. Being able to focus on their work will help your writer to work more efficiently and faster, which translates to more free time for them!

It has been said that a strong drink once in a while can quiet the inner critic and help words flow freely. Whether true or not, what writer wouldn't be thrilled to receive a bottle of "Writer's Tears?" Get a bottle for your writer here and let me know if you see any tears of joy on Christmas morning.

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