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Announcing a new series, “The Fairies of Titania!”

Get ready for an all-new magical adventure in the first book of my “Fairies of Titania” series.

For the past few moths I’ve been working on a new story for preteen readers. I’m excited to announce that the manuscript is nearly ready for editing!

The working title for this new book is “The Last Fairy Door,” and it follows the adventure of a ten-year-old girl named Amy who would do anything to save her father from his sudden and severe illness, including traveling to the world of fairies, Titania, and begging the princess for help.

But when she gets there, she soon discovers that all is not well in the land of fairies. And her quest is not nearly as simple as she thought.

These exciting magical adventures will be sure to tickle the fancy of the young fairy-lovers in your life.

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