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Dragon Riders of Avria

Do you love dragons?

I know I do!

In fact, I‘ve been wanting to write this book series since I was a kid myself. I’m so excited to finally get the first two out, and I hope you love reading these stories as much as I loved writing them!

First up is Anri and the Dragon Quest

Finding a dragon egg isn’t easy.

Since the death of her father, fourteen-year-old Anri has struggled to help her family survive. Despite her best efforts, they’re driven to the brink of losing everything when a wealthy customer demands payment for an accident that wasn’t their fault.

When Anri learns that the dragonholds give money to the families of riders, she’s determined to find a dragon egg, join their ranks, and save her family.

Only it turns out that finding a dragon egg is a lot harder than it sounds. Especially with a mischievous baby kisnit getting in the way and giant cave monsters attacking from the shadows.

With Hatching Day only weeks away, and Anri almost too old to bond with a hatchling, will she find an elusive dragon egg in time? Or will she end up working for a corrupt man for the rest of her life?

Anri and the Dragon Quest is now available as an ebook pre-order. Get it now!

Next up is Secret of the Dragon Egg

The dragon egg in his hands . . .

. . . it calls to him.

This changes everything.

It’s the start of summer vacation and fourteen-year-old Will’s family is sailing across the Atlantic.

Caught in a sudden powerful storm, they find themselves washed ashore in a world they’d never imagined. Avria, a land of beauty, danger, and dragons.

Accepting help from the first person they meet, they find themselves trapped working for a greedy and powerful man with no hope of returning home.

But when Will finds a strange golden object, everything changes.

It’s a dragon egg.

Now he must make a choice. Will he bring his egg to the hatching ground? Will he bond with a baby dragon and become a dragon rider?

With only days left until Hatching Day, he feels an irresistible connection to the unborn dragon. But choosing to bond with the hatchling might trap Will and his family in this strange and dangerous land forever.

Secret of the Dragon Egg is available as an ebook preorder and will release this spring. Get it here!

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