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Struggling Readers Deserve Exciting Books

What happens if a kid falls behind in learning how to read? According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, 67 percent of fourth graders read below the proficient level.

Children’s books are written with two kinds of levels in mind. On one hand you have readability. The words and sentences have to be easy enough for their grade level. You wouldn't write a book called "Circumnavigating the Globe and Adventuring in Various Ethnic Societies" for a first grader. On the other hand, the stories and themes have to be appropriate for the grade level as well. Fourth graders don't want to read about a little mouse dreaming up a fun song for her forest friends.

But if a kid is behind in reading, you end up with a ten year old who is stuck reading books for six or seven year olds. We’re talking about a kid who would love to be reading Harry Potter, but is stuck reading stories about fuzzy kittens learning how to share. Not only is this frustrating for them, it’s also embarrassing. Their friends are reading awesome books featuring dragons and zombies and treasure-hunting adventurers.

An analysis of more than 9.9 million students found that only those students who read 15 minutes or more per day made accelerated reading gains. But all the struggling reader has in his or her reading level is “Billy Rides a Bike.” What ten or eleven year old wants to read that?

That’s why I started writing the Werewolf Max series. Because kids who need help reading deserve exciting books, too! The best thing a book can do for a kid is suck them in, grab hold of them and make them never want to put it down. These books aren’t dumbed down. They’re just not overly complicated. The chapters are short, to make the Pacing easier. The font is super reqdable and the lines of text are spaced a little more widely, so kids won’t get lost reading from one line to the next.

And, of course, the story is gripping. Once a kid starts reading it, it will grab their attention and they won't want to put it down.

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